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Meet the Photographer

The Owner and Photographer

My name is Hailey Anderson. I was born and raised in Blackfoot but now call the city of Rigby my home. When I started out in photography I began with the everyday portrait photography, never envisioning myself doing Real Estate Photography. That passion came when my husband and I began the hunt for our first home.


Like so many others, we began our search sitting at home with the online convienences. We spent HOURS looking at homes for sale on every site we knew of. After looking at so many homes they all started to blur together, not one or the next standing out to me.... my motto now in my work is "A picture is worth a thousand words so make an impression!" I honestly can't stress how big of a difference those images made in our search and now as a Real Estate Photographer I want to be the one to make that jaw dropping impression, create that wow factor that I didn't get with so many homes. I want to make homes stand out from the rest, feel real and alive, and give realtors that edge in the market they're looking for. I love what I do and find it very exciting and rewarding knowing I make people fall in love... with their new homes.

I have been in the real estate marketing industry for 4 years now and still truly LOVE the work. You will see that love show in my high quality work. I hove photographed over 300 homes in the Southeast Idaho area alone and I'm ready to photograph yours.